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"I have Spoken to You from Heaven": A Catholic Defense of Creation in Six Days

"I have Spoken to You from Heaven": A Catholic Defense of Creation in Six Days

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While the subject of origins remains one of the liveliest topics of discussion in Catholic circles, Catholics with a university education tend to be willing to entertain an exotic variety of explanations for the origins of man and the universe, ranging from an instantaneous creation (after the pattern of St. Augustine’s interpretation of Genesis 1)  to progressive creation or theistic evolution over billions of years. But the one account of origins that most educated Catholics tend to dismiss out of hand is the one that God Himself plainly revealed to Moses, and that the Fathers, Doctors, Popes and Council Fathers promoted in their authoritative teaching from the time of the Apostles. I Have Spoken to You from Heaven demonstrates that the evidence for the truth that God created the heavens, the earth, the seas and all they contain in six natural days is so overwhelming that the Magisterium—the teaching authority of the Catholic Church—has all of the precedent that it needs to define this truth once and for all in the future.

In this comprehensive little work, Hugh Owen, director of the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation, Gerard J. Keane and Biblical Hebrew expert Dr. Mark Koehne, provide a theological, Scriptural, historical, and scientific defense of creation in six 24 hour days. 

According to Fr. Chad Ripperger, formerly professor of dogmatic theology at the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter's North American Seminary, " ... rarely does one find as clear, coherent and yet solid a defense of the six days of creation as I Have Spoken to You from Heaven."

204 pp., soft cover,  illustrations

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