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Catechism for Children

Catechism for Children

$ 19.95

This newly reprinted Catechism for Children presents the truths of the Faith in a profound, but age-appropriate way.  Written years ago, this book had sadly fallen into disuse.

Each chapter of this attractive and partially illustrated catechism begins with a story from the Gospel to help root the lesson in the words and life of Our Lord. After the Gospel story, children will review questions from previous lessons, and then proceeds to the lesson itself. After the lesson there is a small reflection on how the catechism lesson applies to the life of the child, followed by a short prayer, a Gospel text, and excitingly, a relation of the catechism lesson to the Sacred Liturgy of the Church.

This Catechism for Children is an excellent tool by which to teach the catechism, which will be a joy for parents, educators, and children alike.

373 pp.,  Soft cover

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