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This sacred art form of art from the East is gaining in popularity in the West.  The process of creating an original work is called "writing" an icon (as opposed to "painting" it).  The writing of an icon is a prayerful process.  The icon is considered a window into heaven, thus the backgrounds are often golden and the style of portraying people is unique ... they don't look like people you'd meet on earth.  They live in heaven.  Look for much symbolism in these sacred works.

Tradition tells us that St. Luke painted the first icon of Our Lady.  Some icons have been venerated and loved in both the East and West.  These include Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the original of which is in Rome in the care of the Redemptorist Order and Our Lady of Czestochowa, which is venerated in Poland.

American and Russian icons are currently available on this site and we hope to expand our selection in the future.