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Miraculous Medal, 4-Way Medal and Crucifix Necklaces in Sterling Silver

Our sterling silver medals are priced to include 18" stainless steel curb chains on ladies' medals and 24" heavy stainless curb chains on men's medals. 

If you prefer a different style or length chain ... or if you already have a chain, we have provided the option for you to select a medal without the chain at a reduced price.  Then, if you wish, you may choose from our selection of NECK CHAINS a style, size, and quality that suits your needs.  When ordering a medal without a chain and another chain, your medal will come on the chain you have chosen. 

There are three types of chain:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel with Rhodium Finish (keeps its shine longer)
  • Sterling Silver
Within each category, there are different styles, thicknesses and lengths.  If you're not sure what length you want, you can use a piece of string to gauge the length you desire, measure the string, and order accordingly.  

Please keep in mind that, depending on the chain your choose, the price will vary.