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Wall Crucifixes and Standing Crucifixes

Wall crucifixes belong in every Catholic home ... in bedrooms and living areas especially.  They need not be large or ornate, but the do need to be authentic crucifixes, not "risen" crosses.

The crucifix is the testament of God's love for us.  Catholic adults and children need these reminders to stay focused on their ultimate goal in life ... the attainment of heaven. 

Sick Call crucifixes were once a traditional Catholic wedding gift ... preparing the newlyweds on their happiest day, with the items that would be needed in much sadder circumstances.  Lots of Catholic wisdom there!

There are no "risen" crosses here ... Christ rose out of a tomb, He died on the cross.  Catholic children have no need for fake or feel good ideas. Paraphrasing what Pope Benedict XVI once said: Catholics were born for greatness, not for comfort!