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Archbishop Lefebvre: a Documentary DVD

Archbishop Lefebvre: a Documentary DVD

$ 15.00

Looking through the lens of Marcel Lefebvre's long life ... from the religiously vibrant France of his youth (he was born in 1905), to the decadent, politicized and pro-Communist Church at the time of his death (1992) ... this DVD paints a rather stark "before and after Vatican II" portrait of Catholicism, and provides multiple examples of the orchestrated and militant repression of traditional Catholicism in favor of the banal. 

Whatever you believe about Archbishop Lefebvre and his difficulties with Rome, this DVD is a very accurate step back in time where the viewer can experience the Church as she was not so long ago ... a vibrant edifice whose mission was clear: to save souls for heaven and conquer the world for Christ. 

For those who aren't old enough to have memories of Catholicism before the Council, or for those who have forgotten them, this DVD is highly recommended. It will stir your soul.

There are many historic interviews, as well as footage from Africa, America and Europe.