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Around the World in Eighty Seconds - Geography Game

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Developed by a successful homeschool mom and tested by her students, this game is fast paced, fun, and guaranteed to make learning the basic facts of geography challenging and entertaining.  Children and adults will learn all the continents and countries and oceans of the world.  There's nothing like a little competition to spur the brain cells into action and take the drudgery out of learning. With simple instructions, even young non-readers can participate (with reading help). Comes with an up to date Rand McNally Map of the World (50" x 32") as the playing board.  Map, color coded cards, and timer are contained in a crush proof box which will last for years of service.

Two more sets of cards will be available soon at additional cost. Set 2: Islands, Seas, Capital Cities of all countries.  Set 3: Mountains, rivers and principal cities of all countries.

Around the World Geography Study Book by Margaret A. Jones is a systematic way to learn geography facts.  It includes a Certificate of Completion at back of book.  

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