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Begone, Satan!

Begone, Satan!

$ 6.95

This famous little book describes an extraordinary 23 day long exorcism case in 1928 involving a woman who had been cursed by her own father.  It took place in a parish in Earling, Iowa.  The story shows the power of Satan -- but more importantly, it demonstrates the power of God over Satan -- as exercised through the Catholic priesthood in her Traditional Rite of Exorcism.

This story demonstrates the great powers Satan has to manipulate matter, shows his malice and cunning towards man, yet also demonstrates his fear of holy water, crucifixes, relics, St. Michael, and especially his fear of Our Lady and the Holy Name of Jesus.  Quite an eye-opener.  The devil is more active today than ever.  Reading this short book is one way to know your enemy so as not to be his victim.

46 pp, soft cover

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