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Book of Books, The: The Old Testament Retold

Book of Books, The: The Old Testament Retold

$ 14.95

In these pages, the greatest adventures of Hebrew history unfold vividly before your eyes – Moses and the sojourn in Egypt, the wars between the Jewish kingdoms, the glory of David and Solomon, the building of God's Temple in Jerusalem ... and much, much more.

Unfortunately, today, people who have grown up ignorant to the bible are easy prey for those who label the bible as myth.  Conversely, imparting this knowledge to today's youth could be the antidote and turn the situation around.  How better to do that than through this delightful retelling by a master storyteller (Henri Daniel-Rops) of the sacred stories of the Creation, the Fall, the Flood and the Covenant made between God and His people?

Also see the companion, New Testament book: The Book of Life

For ages 8 to 88.

166 pp., soft cover, illustrated

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