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Boys and Girls of Colonial Days

Boys and Girls of Colonial Days

$ 8.95

An engaging collection of stories for the younger child, compiled by a kindergarten teacher in the early 1900's ... Carolyn Sherwin Bailey ... introducing him to activities and occupations of boys and girls in the colonial era. Focuses on children who responded with courage and resourcefulness when faced with unexpected circumstances and whose efforts played a key role in the safeguarding of their families and their communities. Famous personages of the time, including Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, figure in several of the stories. Dozens of detailed black and white illustrations complement the text.


The publisher, Yesterday's Classics, has been carefully selecting for republication the best of the children's books first published a century ago when a Christian worldview and high standards of literary excellence were the norm. Only books that

  • incorporate text of high literary quality,
  • use story to engage the reader,
  • cultivate the moral imagination,
  • awaken an interest in the out of doors,
  • furnish heroes worthy of emulation, and
  • stimulate powers of observation

    meet their standards for selection.

    Ages 7-9

    140 pp., Soft cover, illustrated


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