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Holy Mass Apostolate Wall Crucifix - 8"

$ 55.00

Very attractive 8" blue enamel and bronze crucifix.  Designs on each arm of the crucifix, mostly symbols for the Eucharist, are in bronze while a white disk at the center and behind Our Lord's head is reminiscent of a host.  The white disk contains the traditional "IHS" surmounted by a cross with the three nails beneath the letters.  IHS is a stylized form of the name of Jesus ... the first three capital letters in the Latinized Greek name of Jesus. 

Once blessed by a priest, the Apostolic Blessings of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis are imparted to these crucifixes and to all those who pray for or promote the Holy Mass Apostolate in any way.  A certificate stating such is included with every crucifix.  This crucifix would be a most appropriate First Communion, Confirmation or Wedding gift.

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