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Cord of St. Philomena for Purity

Cord of St. Philomena for Purity

$ 10.00

This red and white cord ... worn by young ladies about their waist ... as a sign and commitment to purity, came out of the Archconfraternity of St. Philomena, established by Pope Leo XIII.   Instructions for investiture by a priest are included.  Among other prayers, the priest says: "Receive this cord about thy loins, so that they may be girt in token of moderation, purity and chastity."    The wearing of a cord or cincture has always been a sign of chastity, mortification and humility.

Here is a positive way for young ladies to commit to chastity and to call down the assistance of St. Philomena, who was martyred for that virtue when only 13 years of age.  See also the Cord of St. Joseph for young men.

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