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Ethelred Preston or the Adventures of a Newcomer

Ethelred Preston or the Adventures of a Newcomer

$ 9.95

One of Fr. Francis Finn's 27 Catholic novels for young people ... especially boys ... this is the story of a boastful new student who arrives at Henryton boarding academy.  Parallel dramas emerge as another student struggles with the question of religion and a promise made to his dying mother. 

Some of the topics Fr. Finn manages to cover include honesty, dishonesty, greed, cursing, Baptism, mothers, honor, justice, charity, friendship, leadership, temptation, Confession, the Holy Eucharist, anti-Catholic slander, the True Religion, pride humility, bankruptcy and more.

Two other books in this series ... Claude Lightfoot and That Football Game ... are also available.

Fr. Finn's writing style is quaint, turn-of-the-20th-century language, which, after young readers (or hearers) have gotten into it, find it hilarious!  Ages 10+

237 pp., soft cover

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