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From Some Fissure: The Real Story Behind Pope Paul VI

From Some Fissure: The Real Story Behind Pope Paul VI

$ 10.00

To say this book is provocative is an understatement! 

In today's Catholic culture, it is fashionable to lament the papacy of Paul VI for the radical changes that occurred during his reign (1963-78).  Yet author David Martin offers compelling evidence to shift blame away from Paul and toward nefarious prelates who manipulated his papacy well beyond Paul's ability to do anything about it.

The author's case becomes even stronger when we read the actual writings of Paul ...  from his high regard for Mary and bold acknowledgement of Mary as our Mother in the order of grace, to his encyclical, Humanae Vitae, to his lament that "from some fissure, the smoke of satan entered into the temple of God."

It's time to revisit this period in our Church's history with a discerning eye toward discovering what really happened and who were the players – hell bent on changing the Church – in the immediate post-Vatican II era.

134 pp., soft cover