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Josephus: The Jewish War

Josephus: The Jewish War

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Josephus' account of a war marked by treachery and atrocity is a superbly detailed and evocative record of the Jewish rebellion against Rome between 66 and 70 AD.  Originally a rebel leader, Josephus changed sides after he was captured to become a Rome-appointed negotiator, and so was uniquely placed to observe these turbulent events, from the siege of Jerusalem to the final heroic resistance and mass suicides at Masada.  His account provides much of what we know about the Jews under Roman rule, with vivid portraits of key figures such as the Emperor Vespasian and Herod the Great. Often self-justifying and divided in its loyalties, The Jewish War nevertheless remains one of the most immediate accounts ever written of war, its heroism and its horrors.

511 pp, Paperback


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