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Our Lady of Guadalupe: Empress of the Americas

Our Lady of Guadalupe: Empress of the Americas

$ 15.00

A stunningly beautiful Catholic book ... the story and artwork!  This book faithfully retells the fascinating and tender story of how Our Lady appeared to a humble Mexican Indian ... Juan Diego ... and managed to leave her image, as well as convert some 3,000,000 Indians to the Catholic faith at the very time the Protestant "Reformers" were decimating Catholic Europe.  The image is still venerated today in Mexico City ... despite being bombed in 1921 by Freemasons which destroyed an altar and everything else around it.

In retelling this amazing story, the author, C. Lourdes Walsh, carefully places in an "Afterword" the details of Aztec atrocities which had long taken place in Mezo-America against other Indian natives and how Our Lady, in a few short visits, brought these bloody pagan practices to a swift halt.

Parents can confidently read this wonderful story to young children.  It is a book everyone will enjoy and profit from!  Best of all, it's TRUE!  . 

52 pp., full color, 7.5" x 10"

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