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Pagent of Life: Problems of Human Happiness

Pagent of Life: Problems of Human Happiness

$ 14.00

This story is written as a prequel to Shadow on the Earth and The Masterful Monk ... during a time of youth, innocence, and wonderful possibilities. The story opens in 1906 in England and proceeds through World War I and it's aftermath. It follows the trail of several characters ... most especially nominal Protestant Cyril Rodney and his Catholic friend, Anselm Thornton (the future Masterful Monk).  

Lives do not pan out as blissfully as expected due to war, injuries and enemies.  Cyril is also haunted with a secret and terrible premonition which keeps him far from God.  

Fr. Dudley's stories, while very satisfying, are never "happily ever after" in this life ... but only in the next. Yet it is the Catholic faith ... the rock ... that makes life worth living and understandable.  In his own words, Fr. Dudley endeavors to present the  " ... antithesis to to that modern cowardice which manifests itself in the vogue for the vague and non-committal; the convenient dilettantism which questions everything, holds nothing, and funks the hard facts of truth."  

Another enjoyable read and character study with plenty of important lessons to be learned from Fr. Dudley.

Fr. Dudley's books available here include: 

  • The Shadow on the Earth
  • The Masterful Monk
  • Pagent of Life
  • The Coming of the Monster
  • The Tremaynes and the Masterful Monk

343 pp., hard cover

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