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The Plot Against the Church

The Plot Against the Church

$ 22.95

Here is a stunning, eye-opening history unlike any other you’ve ever read …

Alarmed at Pope John XXIII's decision to call the Second Vatican Council, this work was penned by faithful Vatican prelates (Maurice Pinay is a pen name) with access to Vatican archives.  They wrote it as a warning to Catholic hierarchy around the world ... specifically to those who would be attending the council ... to bring them up to speed on the true causes of every crisis that has ever rocked the Church of Jesus Christ from its very beginning and right up to the present age.   For the most part, the warning fell on deaf ears.

The Plot Against the Church puts all of modern history into its true context … because all the major events … including the wars … are about nothing less than the satanic plot against God, His Church and His people.  It names names!  Gives powerful proofs! 

710 pp, soft

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