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Presentation of Discoveries DVD

Presentation of Discoveries DVD

$ 24.00

Here is a fascinating look into the major findings of virtually unknown amateur archaeologist, Ron Wyatt, who has identified and explored ...

  • a boat shaped object in the "mountains of Ararat," and whose dimensions and characteristics exactly match the biblical description of Noah's Ark;
  • five ashen cities (two north of the Dead Sea, one to it's west, and two others below its southern shore), all originally built in the style of Canaanite cities;
  • the site of the Red Sea Crossing, replete with horse, human and chariot remains;
  • the real Mount Sinai ... in Saudi Arabia ... with blackened peak where God descended ... as well as remains of the camp of the Israelites, including the altar to the golden calf.
  • Plus some startling information about the Ark of the Covenant, and much more.
If anyone has told you the Old Testament is full of fairy tales,  have them watch this! The photographic evidence is breathtaking.