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Relics: What The Are and Why They Matter

Relics: What The Are and Why They Matter

$ 16.95

From the time of the Apostles, the Catholic Church has saved and venerated relics.  The Shroud of Turin, the Crown of Thorns, the lance, the nails all were preserved by Mary and the Apostles.  The earliest priests in Rome said their Masses on tombs containing the bones of martyrs (catacombs).  Phials of their blood often effected many miracles, cures and conversions.

So, what are these relics, where are they and what is their story?  With painstaking research, Joan Carroll Cruz explores the details behind hundreds of the Church's most treasured relics, covering 38 second-class relics of our Lord and Lady, as well as the relics of 75 favorite saints, including Mary Magdalene, St. Agnes, and Francis of Assisi.  A section of color pictures is included.

460 pp, soft cover

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