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Saint Anthony of Padua: Fire and Light

Saint Anthony of Padua: Fire and Light

$ 7.96

Presented here is the life story of a beloved saint ... the saint we pray when we have lost something.  Anthony, born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1195, had many adventures before becoming a member of the order of Franciscans founded by St. Francis of Assisi. He  performed many miracles.  Anthony died at Arcella, near Padua, Italy, on June 13, 1231. He was only thirty-six years old. Pope Gregory IX proclaimed him a saint just one year later.

Saint Anthony of Padua: Fire and Light is the story of someone who put God first in life. When kids suffer because they are less popular, not as smart, or seemingly unimportant when compared to others, St. Anthony's story teaches a powerful lesson of how important we all are in God's plan for the world.

Ages 8 – 12


115 pp,  soft cover, 4.5" x 7"

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