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Saint Joan of Arc: God's Soldier

Saint Joan of Arc: God's Soldier

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Joan was born in 1412 in Domremy, a little village in France. Her father was a hardworking farmer.  One day while Joan was watching her sheep, St. Michael the Archangel told her, "Daughter of God, go save France!" For three years she heard the voices of saints calling her to action. When she was sixteen, she began her mission. At that time, there was a war going on between France and England. It was called the Hundred Years' War. England had won so much French land that the king of England called himself the king of France, too. The real French king was weak and selfish. 

Joan received permission to lead an army into the French city of Orleans, which the English had almost captured. In her white, shining armor, this young teenager rode with her banner flying above her. On it were the names of JESUS and MARY. Joan was wounded by an arrow in the great battle of Orleans, but she kept on urging the men in her army to victory. 

A child who reads Saint Joan of Arc will encounter in an exciting way the courage with which the Christian life is filled. Ages 8-12

127 pp,  soft cover, 4.5" x 7"

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