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Scapular of Benediction and Protection

$ 20.50

This beautiful scapular was given by Our Lady to the stigmatist Marie-Julie Jahenny on August 23, 1878 and carries many promises with it.  It is large ... 3.5" wide x 4.5 long ... and is handmade in Europe.  It was given  as a means of protection in times of Chastisement. 

The accompanying leaflet explains the apparition, the symbols, the promises and the prayer: O Crux Ave ... "I hail you, I Adore you, I embrace you, oh adorable Cross of My Savior.  Protect us, keep us, save us.  Jesus loved you so much, by His example, I love you.  By your holy image calm my fears, so that I may only feel peace and confidence."

This scapular may be worn by a person or hung in the home. One promise is that it will protect a home from fire.  The scapular can be blessed by any holy priest.

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