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School of Darkness

School of Darkness

$ 22.00

Once again back in print, here is the compelling 1954 autobiography of Bella Dodd, who rose in the ranks of the Communist Party USA.  Sincerely humanistic, she was drawn to Communism hoping to improve the lives and working conditions of ordinary people.  Then, one bitter day, the cause betrayed her and the scales fell from her eyes.   At that point, Dodd returned to her childhood faith, the Catholic religion.  As she said, "I have learned from bitter experience that you cannot serve man unless you first serve God in sincerity and truth."  (Amen!)

Dodd describes the inner workings of the Communist Party.  She once admitted to sending more than a thousand young Communists into Catholic seminaries ... to destroy the Church from within.  There are lessons aplenty for us to learn within these pages.

264 pp,  Hard Cover

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