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Solesmes and Dom Gueranger 1805-1875

Solesmes and Dom Gueranger 1805-1875

$ 24.95

Dom Louis Soltner

This history of Solesmes and its founder Dom Guéranger is an excellent work published by the Monks of Solesmes. It tells the story of one of the greatest scholars and saintly men of the 19th century and chronicles the enduring work that he founded and promoted during his lifetime.  Unfortunately, it is slightly marred by some comments regarding the  movement toward a restoration of the Roman Liturgy that was largely inspired by Dom Guéranger and how that movement has culminated in the novus ordo liturgy of the 20th century. However, that issue aside it is an excellent historical resumé and it is well worth your time to read.

240 pp, Soft Cover

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