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St. Benedict Patron Saint Medal

St. Benedict Patron Saint Medal

$ 46.00

This handsome, heavy medal measures 1" as shown.  An endless (over the head) stainless steel curb chain is standard with the 1" medal. A smaller size, 3/4" medal (preferred by most ladies) is also available with a finer, 18" stainless curb chain.  The same medal is available in both sizes in a heavy 14 karat gold filled with or without a goldtone chain, or in solid 14 karat gold, without chain.  If the chains provided do not suit, order the medal without chain and check out our Neck Chains for other options, styles, and sizes.  

The manufacturer guarantees these medals and, should a defect ever develop, they will replaced them upon receipt of the damaged item.  Contact this website for full details and instructions.

Flip-top gift box is included.

St. Benedict Medals may receive a special exorcism blessing for protection of the wearer.  When having this medal blessed, request this exorcism blessing from your priest.

St. Benedict (480-543) had a twin sister, St. Scholastica.  He is the Father of Monasticism and wrote his monastic rule, now called the Rule of St. Benedict, which is still followed today by many monks.  He is patron against poison and witchcraft.  He is also the patron of spelunkers (a person who explores and studies caves as a hobby).

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