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St. Veronica Patron Saint Medal

St. Veronica Patron Saint Medal

$ 46.00

This handsome, heavy medal measures 1" as shown.  An endless (over the head) stainless steel curb chain is standard with the 1" medal. A smaller size, 3/4" medal (preferred by most ladies) is also available with a finer, 18" stainless curb chain.  The same medal is available in both sizes in a heavy 14 karat gold filled with or without a goldtone chain, or in solid 14 karat gold, without chain.  If the chains provided do not suit, order the medal without chain and check out our Neck Chains for other options, styles, and sizes.  

The manufacturer guarantees these medals and, should a defect ever develop, they will replace them upon receipt of the damaged item.  Contact this website for full details and instructions.

Flip-top gift box is included.

St. Veronica, who wiped the face of Christ with her veil, is not mentioned in the bible.  It is through Tradition and the existence of her veil that we know of her act of kindness to Our Suffering Lord.  Veronica is quite well know because her act is immortalized in the sixth Station of the Cross in every Catholic church and chapel.  The Veil of Veronica is kept in St. Peter's Basilica.  It is not even certain we have her correct name, for Veronica means "true likeness." You can almost see the words verus (true in Latin) and icon (likeness in Greek) in the name.   We have no doubt that she lived and was moved to help Our Lord on His way to Calvary, however.  Some believe that she may be one and the same woman whose issue of blood was cured when she touched the hem of Jesus.  She is patron of photographers.

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