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Standing St. Benedict Crucifix - 3.25"

$ 7.50

These St. Benedict crucifixes are are available in brown or black.  Warning, they come from China..  However, as long as this stock lasts, they are less expensive than their Italian counterparts.  

These could be used on auto dashboards, on nightstands or a desk.  Remove the protective paper, and they have a sticky bottom.

All St. Benedict medals and crucifixes, if blessed by a priest using the proper Benedictine formula, are very powerful against demonic activity.

Here's more information ...

Front of the St. Benedict Medal

  •  On the front of the St. Benedict medal is a Cross which bears an old Latin prayer. On the vertical beam is the beginning of the prayer: C.S.S.M.L., meaning “Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux” (May the Holy Cross be for me a light).  And on the horizontal beam it states: N.D.S.M.D., meaning “Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux” (Let not the dragon be my guide).
  •  The four large letters surrounding the Cross are: C S P B, which stand for “Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti” (The Cross of the Holy Father Benedict).
  • Encircling the Cross on the right side are the letters: V.R.S.N.S.M.V., meaning “Vade retro Satana; nunquam suade mihi vana (Begone Satan! Suggest not to me thy vain things).
  • Encircling the Cross on the left side are the letters: S.M.Q.L.I.V.B., meaning “Sunt mala quae libas; ipse venena bibas (The drink you offer is evil; drink that poison yourself).
  • Above the cross is the word PAX (Peace).

Back of the St. Benedict Medal 

  • On the back of the medal is an image of St. Benedict, and on both sides of him are the words, “Crux S. Patris Benedicti” (The Cross of the Holy Father Benedict).
  • Below St. Benedict’s feet are the words, “Ex S M Casino MCCCCLXXX”(From the Holy Mount of Cassino, 1880).  During that year Monte Casino (one of the more important monasteries St. Benedict founded and spent most of his life) was given the exclusive right to produce the medal
  • Surrounding St. Benedict are the words, “Ejus in obitu nostro presentia muniamur” (May his presence protect us in the hour of death).
This saint medal is rich in meaning and excels at warding off evil spirits as a sacramental.  Many have been carrying and wearing St. Benedict medals for years, and thousands of miracles are attributed to the use of St. Benedict throughout the world.   Many people place a blessed medal on each window sill in their homes for protection ... not a bad idea in these times.  

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