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Tales of Foreign Lands: Volume 1

Tales of Foreign Lands: Volume 1

$ 15.95

Tales of Foreign Lands:  Volumes 1, 2, and 3, are a series of highly adventurous stories meant to instill faith, courage, a knowledge of history as well as detailed geographic facts.  Each volume contains 4 short stories.

Volume 1 includes

  • Love Your Enemies ... a story about the Patrick O'Neal family in New Zealand in the mid 19th Century.
  • Maron ... which takes place in 1860 Lebanon.
  • The Festival of Corpus Christi ... a story about the work of the Jesuits in Bolivia, circa 1767.
  • The Cabin Boys, which takes place in 1798, the ninth year of the bloody French Revolution.

These stories were compiled by Rev. Joseph Siillmann, S.J., a Swiss priest ordained in 1874.  Boys and girls will find these stories historical, exciting and inspiring.



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