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Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know

Ten Dates Every Catholic Should Know

$ 15.95

"Here are the saints and sinners, popes and kings that God used to shape His Church and change the world."  You'll meet Clovis and Charlemagne, Luther and Pope Leo, Suleiman and St. Francis, the Arians, the Franks, the Huguenots, and others whose sins or sacrifices altered the course of history.  (Taken from the back cover)

If secular histories bore you, this one won't!  It is fast paced and well written by Catholic historian, Diane Moczar.  It is MOST interesting because it is full of the Catholic detail that secular writers have expunged from their accounts, without which history becomes a continuous jumble of names, dates, places, battles, etc.  This book explains the all important why things happened! 

 177 pp.,  soft cover