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The Idiot

The Idiot

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One of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's famous and exciting novels, The Idiot  contains penetrating insights into religious faith, human compassion, despair, and insanity. Prince Myshkin is one of literature's great characters, a Christ-like young man caught up in the treachery of the aristocracy of St. Petersburg society.                                                          

The story centers around  Prince Myshkin, who has returned to Russia after being treated for mental illness in Switzerland since his childhood (the idiot). People become fascinated by his direct honesty, simplicity and compassion. He becomes emotionally involved with a Fallen Woman, and this develops into a love triangle with another woman, ultimately ending in tragedy. The Idiot is the symbol of a child-like innocence: he genuinely wants everyone to live in harmony and love. However, the falseness, politics and backstabbing of the world of Russian middle-nobility will have none of that.  The characters, Rogozhin and Nastasya Filippovna, along with Myshkin, form a powerful triangle that drive this novel to its tragic, unavoidable climax.  

732 pp, Paperback


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