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The Tremaynes and the Masterful Monk

The Tremaynes and the Masterful Monk

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This story begins as a reminiscence of an unpleasant chance meeting of two young brothers and two English army officers (Pagent of Life) on leave from the war.  The story picks up when one of those officers (Anselm Thornton ... now a monk) returns to England and makes contact with the likable younger brother, Allen Tremayne, now a successful London artist. Unfortunately, brother Gordon, is still driven to make life miserable for everyone close to him.  

In today's terminology, Gordon is a sociopath and, as Fr. Dudley mentions in his author's note, "The Gordon Tremaynes of this world are not uncommon, whose cruelties cry to heaven for vengeance, and yet remain untouched by law."

Much of the story takes place in the quaint and colorful coastal towns of Cornwall, where all are having a pleasant holiday until Gordon arrives uninvited.  How to make Gordon see himself as others see him? How to save him from destroying his marriage and alienating his only sibling?  Most importantly, how to save Gordon's soul?  These are the dilemmas facing the Masterful Monk, and he does a masterful job of reclaiming Gordon with the help of prayers and God's grace.

Another enjoyable read and character study.  Once again, there are plenty of important lessons to be learned from Fr. Dudley.

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333 pp., hard cover

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