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Theory of Evolution Judged by Reason and Faith, The

Theory of Evolution Judged by Reason and Faith, The

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Evolution is the foundational error of our day.  It provides uncritical minds with a plausible explanation for how things came to be without the need for God, or the need to believe in the Bible.  Truth be told, evolution is not one theory, but a daisy chain of theories without a scintilla of hard proof for any one of them.  There is no proof ... not in biology, not in archaeology, not in chemistry, not in paleontology ... not in any science!  It provides no proof because it can't.  In fact, the proofs for the Bible and against evolution in every scientific discipline have mounted exponentially in recent decades.  But evolution is an apple cart near and dear to the hearts of elitists ... not one they are willing to see upset.  So, government schools are full of it, media promotes it ad nauseam, and scientists, if they want jobs and government grants, had better "believe" in it too!

In this book, Cardinal Ernesto Ruffini demonstrates clearly and simply how evolution applied to living beings has no scientific basis, and, as applied to man, cannot be admitted.

Because of the widespread acceptance of evolution, we live in a sex-soaked culture, have abortion on demand, euthanasia of the (inconvenient) infirm and elderly, satanic entertainment, the disintegration of families, rampant materialism (selfishism), political correctness, etc!  It's time to turn from uncritical belief in evolution and back to the God Who made us, Who loves us and Who told us the truth from the very beginning.  The destiny of your immortal soul will depend on what you believe, because, what you believe determines how you behave.  Besides, to believe in evolution is to call God a liar. 

205pp,   Hard Cover, dust jacket

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