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Three Pillars of Faith in the Real Presence, The

Three Pillars of Faith in the Real Presence, The

$ 12.95

Edward Snyder

The full title: The Three Pillars of the Faith in the Real Presence: Ordination, Offertory, Consecration.  From the back cover: "Since the introduction of the Novus Ordo liturgy in the 1960s, Catholic belief in the Real Presence and the essential sacrificial nature of the Mass and of the priesthood has declined precipitously..."

The author contends that the original Greek and Latin New Testaments contain many "semitisms",  which obscure an accurate understanding of the gospels for us, but which would have been crystal clear to the first Aramaic speaking Christians. Many of these "semitisms" have been misleadingly translated in today's Novus Ordo. This book attempts to point out the problem, so we can, hopefully, cure it.

This is a "philological study of the root of words used in the scriptures and the liturgy" and will shine a light on why clarity of belief is disappearing so rapidly today.

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